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“None Of The Features On My New Album Were By Accident” – Simi

007Reporters - 09:08am

Sensational Nigerian singer Simisola Kosoko, better known as Simi, has disclosed that she was intentional about the artist she featured on her newly released album, ‘Lost and Found’.
The Studio Brat record boss made this disclosure during an interview with Saturday Beats where she spoke up on her journey to recovering herself while making the album.

Simi said working on ‘Lost and Found’ was overwhelming for her as the melodies and sound reflects her true self which fans will hear.

She said;

“Making this album was an eye-opening journey for me. I love the melodies and sound. When you hear it, you will hear Simi.

“Around 2022, after I dropped TBH (last album), I started working on an Rnb album, but when I was done, it did not feel right anymore so, I started from scratch. But, I kept one or two songs. My struggle was while I was making that album, I did not feel sure of myself.

“That is not usual for me, because even if something is not going as planned, there is an inner peace I often have, as long as I have put in my best. I just didn’t feel like myself. But, making ‘Lost and Found’ brought me back to that place where it was more about the melodies I wanted to make, and not fit into what afrobeats demanded from me. I did it for my fans.

“None of the features were by accident. The song I did with Ladipoe is a sequel to the first song we sang together. For Ebenezer Obey, I had always wanted to work with him, and I chased it. He treats me like his daughter, so it was easy to work with him.”

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