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Boat Mishap: Okowa Orders Search For Missing Persons

Donie - 03:50pm

Governor Ifeanyi Okowa

Former Chief of Staff, Government House and Chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Chief Solomon Areyenka, the Eson of Warri kingdom, confirmed the ugly incidents to the Vanguard, saying governor Ifeanyi Okowa had ordered a search team for the missing persons.

He said the boat which capsized Saturday evening after the election had about twenty persons, adding that 17 persons had been recovered and were all alive in stable health condition.

He said the boat was conveying electorates and some security persons.

Pressed to speak on the identity of those still missing he simply said they were electorates.

He said the Chairman of Warri north local government area, Mr Abugie Okorordudu had been on ground alongside other good Nigerians to ensure the victims were rescued.

He expressed hope that the three still missing at press time could be recovered before the end of the day.


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