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Gombe APC Guber Win 7 Out Of 8 LGs Announced

Donie - 03:56pm

The All Progressives Congress Gombe state governorship candidate Alhaji Mohammad Inuwa Yahya in Saturday’s governorship election, has won in seven out of eight local government areas so far announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

The results announced by the returning officer for the state Prof Saminu Abdulrahama, the vice chancellor of Abubakar Tafawa-Balewa University Bauchi s showed that Senator Usman Bayaro Nafada of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP was in second place.

In Gombe Local Government Area, the APC candidate polled 68, 384 votes to defeat his closest rival who polled 21, 673 votes.

In Shongom Local Government Area, the APC got 13463 votes while the PDP got 12,993 votes.

In Kaltungo local government area APC polled 26,744 votes and PDP got 22254 votes. In Yamaltu/Deba local government area APC have 51521 while PDP 25, 852 votes.

APC won in Kwami Local Government with 30539 votes to PDP’s 18240 votes while in Billiri local government, APC have 18612 and People Democratic Party candidate got 18063.

Results from Funakaye local government area showed that PDP polled 20020 votes while APC got 29,191.

The PDP’s candidate wins his own local government where he polled 17937 while APC’s Inuwa Yahya got 9018.

Results from the remaining three local government areas -Dukku, Balanga and Akko – are expected to be announced at 4 pm.


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